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YotaWerx Releases Blackhawk 2.0 tune update for 3rd Gen Tacoma

On 06 February 2024, we got on the dyno with a 2019MY 3GTacoma 3.5L for some final adjustments to the Tacoma 3.5L “Blackhawk 2.0” tune, a complete overhaul and update from the original.  

The numbers below were measured at the hub rather than the wheel, and all posted dynographs include relevant details regarding ambient conditions and other variables. Most notably, these runs were all conducted with 91-octane and in 4th gear for a true 1:1 gear ratio. Due to using a hub-dyno, the vehicle’s tire size is removed as a variable.


For the stock calibration baseline run, gearlock was added to an otherwise stock tune file to ensure consistency with where each pull for each calibration could begin.


  YotaWerx Tuning “Blackhawk 2.0”; 91-octane


Stock 04B33 Calibration, with Gearlock added; 91-octane

YotaWerx Tuning “Blackhawk 2.0”; 91-octane + E30 (30% e85)


“Blackhawk 2.0” delivers an unparalleled and dramatic change in drivability and performance, with peak torque achieved nearly 1500 rpm sooner in the powerband paired with a wide range of overhauled parameters including throttle control, ignition and VVT timing optimizations, and transmission control.

Using the above dynographs for reference, peak power and torque gain from stock to “Blackhawk 2.0” with 91-octane is demonstrated to be +28whp/+5wtq, and +38whp/+11wtq with a 30% e85 blend.

These numbers do not tell the full story, however. If one evaluates the lower rpm range between the stock calibration and “BH2.0” on 91-oct (see below), an estimated gain of nearly +25wtq can be observed at 3120rpm. This observed delta portrays a significant difference in usable power, lower in the powerband where the typical Tacoma driver spends most of their time.


Stock 04B33 Calibration vs YotaWerx Tuning “Blackhawk 2.0”; 91-octane

* dynograph image overlay for comparison purposes

** brighter line tracings are the Blackhawk 2.0 graph

Fun Fact: YotaWerx has achieved a 12.5% torque gain at 3100 RPM, vs 6.5% from a popular competitor's tune.

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