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2016+ Tacoma Maintenance Schedule

Although the Tacoma is known for its long life span, it still pays to keep up with maintenance to ensure the longest possible life out of your rig. Below are some maintenance items to keep up with, along with specific details related to each.

  1. Engine Oil (6.2 qts)

    1. 0W-20 full synthetic (I buy the Mobile 1 12qt bag-in-a-box from Walmart)

    2. Filter part #04152-YZZA1 (available at Walmart)

      1. A worthy upgrade is to replace your stock plastic filter housing with an aluminum one (Part #15620-31060)

      2. Another upgrade to consider is a Fumoto valve in place of the stock drain plug bolt (Part #F133N). This allows you to attach a rubber tube and quickly/cleanly drain your oil directly into a drain bag

      3. A great set of tools to have for this is the Motivx kit, which includes: oil filter wrench, drain tool, threaded oil funnel

    3. Change every 5K miles (you could probably push to 7K)

    4. Torque Settings:

      1. Drain Plug - 30 FTLB

      2. Filter Housing - 18 FTLB

      3. Filter Drain - 18 FTLB

    5. Video of the process

  2. Tire Rotation

    1. Every 5K miles

    2. Lug nuts - torque to 83 FTLB

  3. Cabin Filter

    1. PN# 87139-YZZ09

      1. I buy a brand called EPAuto (Part #CP374)

      2. Change every 20K miles

  4. Serpentine Belt

    1. PN# 90916-A2037

    2. Replace every 100K miles or if you hear chirping

  5. Transfer Case Oil

    1. Gear oil LF 75W

    2. Change every 60K normal (30K if severe)

    3. Torque Settings:

      1. Fill plug - 27 FTLB

      2. Drain plug - 27 FTLB

        1. As a word of caution, the t-case is aluminum and the hole threads can be easily stripped. Be VERY cautious that you are not cross threading. Ask me how I know...

  6. Rear Diff Fluid

    1. Gear oil 75W-85 GL-5

    2. Change every 30K normal (15K if severe)

    3. Torque Settings:

      1. Fill plug - 36 FTLB

      2. Drain plug - 36 FTLB

  7. Front Diff Fluid

    1. Gear oil 75W-85 GL-5

    2. Change every 30K normal (15K if severe)

    3. Torque Settings:

      1. Fill plug - 29 FTLB

      2. Drain plug - 48 FTLB

        1. Pro Tip: The drain plug is TOUGH to break loose. It's a 10mm hex socket and can be very difficult to remove, and there is a chance for stripping it out. Make sure to use a very sharp edge hex socket bit on a large (17") breaker bar. To make life easier the next time around, replace the hex plug with a Lexus plug (Part #90341-24016, it takes a 14mm socket)

  8. Grease Driveshaft

    1. Lithium chassis grease (I use Lucas Oil Red 'N Tacky #2)

    2. Perform every 15K miles (5K if severe)

  9. Transmission Fluid

    1. Toyota ATF WS

    2. Perform every 100K (60K if severe)

    3. Torque Settings:

      1. Fill plug - 29 FTLB

      2. Overflow plug - 15 FTLB

      3. Drain plug - 15 FTLB

  10. Power Steering Fluid

    1. Dexron II or III

    2. Change every 50K

  11. Coolant

    1. Toyota SLLC

    2. Change at 100K (every 50K thereafter)

    3. Torque Settings:

      1. Radiator Drain - hand tight

      2. Engine Block Drain - 9 FTLB

  12. Spark Plugs

    1. Denso FK20HBR8

    2. Change every 60K

    3. Torque Setting:

      1. Spark Plugs - 13 FTLB

    4. Video of the process

  13. Front Brakes

    1. PN# 04465-AZ200 Pads

    2. PN# 43512-04052 Rotors

    3. Inspect every 10K, replace before 2mm thick

  14. Drum Brakes

    1. PN# 04495-04010

    2. Inspect every 20K, replace before 2mm thick

  15. Brake Fluid

    1. 116 DOT 3 or SAE J1703

    2. Inspect every 25K; check for clarity, change if dirty

  16. Engine Intake Filter

    1. PN# 17801-0P100

    2. Inspect every 5K, change when dirty

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