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Image by Daniel Lincoln


We are a vF Tuner Pro Tuner & official YotaWerx Network Tuning partner. Let us improve the drivability of your vehicle without breaking the bank.  We offer both in-person tuning services, as well as DIY remote tuning kits.  



If you are local to the state of Arizona, we offer in-person tuning services for the Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, Lexus GX, and FJ Cruiser.  We offer 3 remote tuning meetup locations across the Valley, and the process takes less than 30 minutes!


We do the work for you!

Step 1 - We'll check battery voltage and hookup charging unit

Step 2 - We'll confirm ECU ID and update it if necessary

Step 3 - We'll flash tune pack for your vehicle

FREE: If your ECU is outdated, we will perform a TSB update at no additional charge.

If you are located outside of Arizona or in a market where in-person tuning services are not available, consider a DIY option and tune from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a PC laptop and the ability to follow directions.


Take control of your tune!

Step 1 - Download the vF Tuner software from

Step 2 - Order a vF Tuner tuning kit (this will ship to you)

Step 3 - Purchase a YotaWerx tune pack from Mobile Antics

Note: Supplemental tuning guide is provided.  Your ECU must be on the most recent available ID.

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