Tacoma 3.5L (2016+) YotaWerx Tune

Tacoma 3.5L (2016+) YotaWerx Tune

YotaWerx tunes are enhanced versions of the standard vF Tune v2.0.  These tunes have been enhanced for increased low-end power, consistent and predictable throttle response/input, significantly improved shift logic with smoother shifting, smoother power delivery, and elimination of low RPM dead pedal. 


YotaWerx tunes are offered in two different flavors:

a. Active Duty - For aggressive drivers and/or heavier trucks with more weight

b. Weekend Warrior - Primarily for stock (or close to) trucks, or more casual drivers


What does a tune do to my Toyota?

– It calibrates the ECU and TCU for both your engine and transmission


What does it achieve?

- Increases MPG (this can vary by vehicle/setup)
- Increases horsepower 

- Fuel learning for regular or premium octane 
- Proper shifting logic and rpm range for 4.88 and 5.29 gears (if applicable)
- Fixes gear hunting problems

- Improved throttle response 


Tune Variations

- Regular (85-89) or Premium (90-94) fuel
- Stock, 33″ or 35″ tires (larger sizes available)
- Stock, 4.88, 5.29 gears

- Optional: Modified alternator settings for AGM battery


What does my tune include?

- YotaWerx tune tailored to your vehicle's specs
- TSB update (if applicable)

- (1) FREE re-tune if you change fuel, increase tire size, or re-gear



  • Refund Policy

    All tuning sales are final once the tune has been performed.  If you purchase your tune in advance, and there is a special circumstance (pre-tuning) that does warrant a refund, please note that we will not be able to refund the $13.35 bank processing fee.

  • Additional Payment Methods

    In addition to credit card and PayPal payments via our website, we also offer the following:

    - Cash on site

    - Zelle

    - Apple Pay

    - Buy now, pay later via Sezzle

  • Waiver of Liability

    A liability waiver must be signed before tune is administered.