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Partner Spotlight - Redeemed Offroad

This month kicks off a "Partner Spotlight" feature we plan to do at least a few times each year. The goal of this feature is to highlight a local Phoenix business that is actively providing high quality services and/or parts for Toyota vehicles. This month we have a contribution from Brandon Hunt, owner of Redeemed Offroad!

Hello, my name is Brandon and I am the owner of Redeemed Offroad in Phoenix, AZ. I am a fifteen year master Mercedes Benz Technician, with over twenty years in the industry. I focus my business around quality, treating everyone’s vehicle as if it were my own. I hope to change this industry's bad reputation one customer at a time. Our motto is “People Over Profit” always.

Along with routine maintenance, we specialize in upgrading offroad vehicles, with an emphasis on Toyotas/Lexus. I am a dealer installer for a number of high quality offroad/overlanding companies, including Long Range America. Long Range America provide amazing auxiliary and/or replacement fuel tanks for your offroad adventures. At the push of a button, you can transfer your extra fuel, instead of messing with exterior mounted fuel cans. The ease of use and exceptional quality of their tanks makes for a no brainer upgrade for you overlanding needs. No more staring at your gas gauge and worrying if you'll make it to your next destination!

From fuel tanks, lighting, and bumpers, to armor and suspension, we do everything we can to help you with your build. We'll even install parts that you purchased elsewhere! I learned early on that people sometimes just need to have their questions answered to help them feel comfortable upgrading their vehicles from the daily driver to the 3 month overlander. We make sure you know what it takes to keep a comfortable ride as you adventure off the beaten path.

For more information or to get in touch with Brandon, here is their contact info: Brandon Hunt - Owner


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