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2022 Tacoma Dyno Chart - Stock vs YotaWerx Blackhawk

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In June 2022, I visited Dyno-Comp is Scottsdale, AZ to have my buddy's Tacoma dyno tested. Our goal was to see how a stock, regular fuel Tacoma compares to the same vehicle running the YotaWerx Tuning Blackhawk Tune.

Dyno tests were run on 6/10/22 between 8:45a-9a in a climate-controlled bay. Vehicle specs were as follows:

Model Year: 2021

ECU ID: 04C21

Trim: TRD Off-Road

Tire Size: 265/75R16

As you can see from the dyno graph, the YW tune produces increased torque between about 2700-4000 RPM, with the largest gain at about 3500 RPM. This means we've added power in the bands that matter most...the low-end. Accelerating off a start, passing someone on the freeway, entering a freeway on-ramp, etc.

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